Introduction to CombatEdit

I'm sure the thing you guys are most looking forward to is the combat in a game about Star Wars, beyond the Exotic RP Experience. I'm sure many of you will want to jump right into the fray, however it might behoove you to take a moment to read this entire section before you do, because I will not explain it to you during a session that I might be SM-ing. Combat is a major part of this game and if you don't know what to do, chances are I am going to do one of two things, A) Get pretty mad that you didn't read this, or B) Skip your turn or simply boot you out of the Mission all together. So you should take a while to sit back, enjoy a nice read about the combat system here in the game.

Introduction to Combat: Part I | InitiativesEdit

At the beginning of every battle the Saga Master (SM) will tell you to Init Up, perhaps this term confuses you if you are not a long term D&D or Roleplayer, the term Init Up refers to the term Initiative Up which means to roll the dice, or in this case Dice Bot, to decide where in the Initiative you will go. The Initiative decides who goes first, who goes last, and everything in-between before a battle starts so that the Battle can go smoothly and as cleanly as possible. It makes for a much more fun experience, rather then a crowded experience which would not allow the Saga Master to grant you a engulfing experience like I have promised.

Now the next thing that would be coming to your mind most likely is, how do I get on the Initiative List. Well that my friend is quite simple, you will need to roll an Initiative Roll, which combines several of your skills into one roll using Synergy. Synergy is explained under skills if you require an explanation of it and a list of skills and their synergies that go with it! Now below I shall give you the formula for figuring out how to roll your initiative, as you may know if you've actually read the Character Creation section of the Wiki you'd know by now that we use the 1d100 system here.

Initiative Roll: 1d100+[Athletics]+[Agility/2]+[Freerunning/2]